October’s New Release in Childrens Books!

He is Big and Black & The Town Can’t Know He’s A Cat!

Funny books for kids in Multicultural Folktales & Humor Stories.

Meet Jasper, a clever cool black cat that loves his top hat. He moves to the city of New Orleans with an agenda, the town can’t know he’s a cat! All the people in town are suspicious of their new neighbor and are determined to find out more. Can this mysterious black cat disguise himself in a town filled with nosy folks?

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  • Storybook written in riddle & rhyme.
  • Animated illustrated book filled with imagination & play.
  • Multicultural & Black representation.
  • Humorous-spooky children’s book.

Published by Ara Welo

Aligning the mind, body, and soul. My mission is helping people in my community by providing guidance through life’s transformative journey. I assist with spiritual practice, self-mastery, shadow work, reprogramming the subconcious, and healing past trauma. Helping you along your life path, all the way to the shining light at the end of the tunnel. I want to help people remember who they really are. I am dedicated to re-connecting each person with their true essence of spirit. To help awaken the soul and discover a sincere purpose in life.

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