Parvati Dear ShivaCome to meOh my love, it is me ParvatiYour eyes are closed Your heart’s refusing meThe one that your mourning for is meI’ll stay and pray that you’ll awakeI’ll stay until you see I’ll stay and tame your snakeThe snake that’s slowly killing meI’ll stay knowing one day my love will recognize meYour refusalContinue reading “Parvati”

The Shadow Side of Love

Fixated There’s something not right.I want your love so bad.I want to take control of you. It’s bad.I prayed to the moon for you.Cried in salt baths, made pools of tears for you.Became fixated on you.You belong to me, I belong to you.I’d risk my soul for you.Jump dimensions, walk through portals for you.Tell me whatContinue reading “The Shadow Side of Love”

The Final Release

Illusion Magick Hello from the ethersSo close but so far awayI cherish every sign Wishing hopelessly in painMeet me halfwaySpeakSo I know I’m not crazySpeakSo I know you feel the sameI have no hope left to hold on toAnd my sanity is at riskThere’s only chaos and confusion And unanswered questionsAnd more painful lessonsStill praying you feelContinue reading “The Final Release”